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IXARC Absolute Rotary Encoder


POSITAL Measuring Tools & Sensors Profibus DP, Multiturn - 12 bit (4096 rev), 13 bit (8192 Steps; 0.044°), IP67, Aluminum / Steel, Blind Hollow Shaft - BC ø 63 mm, ø 58 mm (2.28"), ø 15 mm (0.59"), Connection Cap - 3 x Cable Gland, ≤ 0.02° (Optical), CE / UL Available 0
InterfaceProfibus DP
ProfileDPV0, DPV1 and DPV2 Class 2 (EN50170 + EN50254)
Manual FunctionsAddress selector switch 0-99 and terminal resistor (with connection cap)
FeaturesRound Axis
Transmission Rate≤12 Mbaud
Interface Cycle Time≥ 1 ms
Programming FunctionsResolution, gearing factor (physical resolution) , velocity scaling + filter, preset (zero point), counting direction, limit switches , node number, teach-in, diagnosis
Output DriverProfibus Data Interface, galvanically isolated via opto-couplers
Electrical Data
Supply Voltage10 – 30 VDC
Current Consumption≤ 115 mA @ 10 V DC, ≤ 50 mA @ 30 V DC
Power Consumption≤ 1.5 W
Start-Up Time< 1 s
Reverse Polarity ProtectionYes
Short Circuit ProtectionYes
EMC: Emitted InterferenceDIN EN 61000-6-4
EMC: Noise ImmunityDIN EN 61000-6-2
MTTF13.5 years @ 40 °C
Resolution Singleturn13 bit
Resolution Multiturn12 bit
Multiturn TechnologyMechanical Gearing (no Battery)
Accuracy (INL)±0.0220° (14 – 16 bit), ±0.0439° (≤13 bit)
Environmental Specifications
Protection Class (Shaft)IP66/IP67
Protection Class (Housing)IP66/IP67
Operating Temperature-40 °C (-40 °F) - +85 °C (+185 °F)
Storage Temperature-40 °C (-40 °F) – +85 °C (+185 °F)
Humidity98% RH, no condensation
Mechanical Data
Connection Cap MaterialAluminum
Housing MaterialSteel
Housing CoatingWet coating (RAL 9006 White Aluminium) + Cathodic corrosion protection (>720 h salt spay resistance)
Flange TypeBlind Hollow, ø 58 mm (B)
Flange MaterialAluminum
Shaft TypeBlind Hollow, Depth = 30 mm
Shaft Diameterø 15 mm (0.59")
Shaft MaterialStainless Steel V2A (1.4305, 303)
Rotor Inertia≤ 30 gcm² [≤ 0.17 oz-in²]
Friction Torque≤ 5 Ncm @ 20 °C, (7.1 oz-in @ 68 °F)
Max. Permissible Mechanical Speed≤ 3000 1/min
Shock Resistance≤ 100 g (half sine 6 ms, EN 60068-2-27)
Permanent Shock Resistance≤ 10 g (half sine 16 ms, EN 60068-2-29)
Vibration Resistance≤ 10 g (10 Hz – 1000 Hz, EN 60068-2-6)
Length99 mm (3.90")
Weight470 g (1.04 lb)
Maximum Axial / Radial MisalignmentStatic ± 0.3 mm /± 0.5 mm; Dynamic ± 0.1 mm /± 0.2 mm
Electrical Connection
Connection OrientationRadial
Connection Type3 x Cable Gland
Connection Cap TypeRemovable for easy replacing encoder without new installation of cable, Rotary switches with visible node number, No active components, Terminal resistor switch cut the outgoing bus too, Big spring clips
Product Life Cycle
Product Life CycleEstablished
Connection Plan
Bus line B (Bus in)B
Bus line A (Bus in)A
Power Supply+
Bus line B (Bus out)B
Bus line A (Bus out)A
Power Supply+
Connector-View on Encoder
Dimensional Drawing

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