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Takes Sensor Technology to New Heights


POSITAL launches a major update to its product portfolio. With this initiative, termed NEXTGEN, POSITAL is introducing new measurement and signal processing technologies for IXARC rotary encoders, and TILTIX inclinometers. These upgrades will benefit customers by improving performance, reducing size and energy consumption and harmonizing programming interfaces over POSITAL’s full product range. Chips in these products are being upgraded, including an exciting new ASIC that has been developed for the Wiegand-powered event counter in multiturn encoders.

New Generation of IXARC Industrial Encoders


Absolute Rotary Encoder

In the new generation of IXARC encoders, sensitive TMR (tunneling magnetoresistance) magnetic sensors are used to measure the rotation of the permanent magnet attached to the device’s shaft. These replace the Hall-effect sensors used in earlier designs. We introduce a new ASIC to manage rotation counting and energy harvesting in multiturn encoders. This new component offers improved energy efficiency compared to its predecessor and will take Wiegand Multiturn technology to a new level. Our industrial encoders will also include a new Wiegand Sensor from UBITO, POSITAL’s sister company. This new sensor is manufactured in-house with a fully automated process which has a positive impact on both cost and quality.

  • Superior sensitivity to magnetic field changes
  • Increased precision and accuracy
  • Cost saving, improve quality

Incremental Encoder

POSITAL's new generation incremental encoders boast advanced magnetic sensor tech and energy-efficient microcontrollers. Compatible with older models, they minimize power usage, a crucial factor in intricate systems with multiple connected devices. These innovative IXARC encoders employ TMR (tunneling magnetoresistance) sensing technology, surpassing Hall-effect sensors in magnetic sensitivity and enabling enhanced resolution. Additionally, TMR sensors are less affected by temperature and consume less energy than their predecessors.

  • Advanced magnetic sensors for improved resolution.
  • Energy-efficient microcontrollers reduce power consumption.
  • TMR technology offers temperature stability and sensitivity.

New Generation of IXARC Kit Encoders


Introducing our new generations Kit Encoders with advanced ASIC technology for unparalleled performance. These encoders revolutionize counting accuracy and energy harvesting, taking Wiegand Multiturn to new heights. Attach directly to motors or drives, eliminating separate shafts and bearings. A streamlined supply chain ensures shorter delivery times. Redesigned 36 mm encoders are 4 mm shorter, easier to install and provide enhanced protection against dust and moisture. Experience unmatched efficiency and precision with our NextGen Kit Encoders. Upgrade your applications and elevate your performance to new levels.

  • Shorter length and simplified installation.
  • Higher resolution
  • Protected against dust and moisture, optimal performance in challenging environments.

New Generation of TILTIX Inclinometers


POSITAL has upgraded its TILTIX inclinometers with three-axis MEMS accelerometers, improved firmware, and a new housing concept. The new accelerometers provide better accuracy, reduced crosstalk sensitivity, and additional measurement capabilities. These inclinometers remain compatible with older models, supporting CANopen and analog communication interfaces. They also offer enhanced programming options for customizable measurement ranges and filtering methods. The TILTIX inclinometers are widely used in motion control and safety systems across diverse industries for measuring orientation.

  • Increased measurement accuracy and precision.
  • Improved safety and motion control.
  • Enhanced programming options for customization.

Stay Engaged for Exciting Upcoming NEXTGEN Products


POSITAL's NEXTGEN Initiative has revolutionized sensor technology, elevating performance, and precision to new levels. Our upgraded product portfolio, including IXARC rotary encoders, TILTIX inclinometers, and Kit Encoders, offers superior features such as enhanced accuracy, reduced energy consumption, and advanced measurement capabilities. Stay informed about the latest updates by visiting our product finder and following our social media channels. Experience the future of sensor technology with POSITAL's next generation products.