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POSITAL at windenergy 2016


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(Group Stand of German State North Rhine-Westphalia/NRW)

Turning Into a Favorable Wind

There are several measuring and positioning tasks that must be handled efficiently in wind turbines: in addition to ensuring that the azimuth drives are able to keep the nacelle pointed into the wind, the tilt angle of the rotor blades must be monitored and continuously adjusted through a pitch control system. On top of that, speed control can be challenging under demanding environmental conditions. POSITAL offers an extensive one-stop range of accurate, reliable sensors that can stand up to extreme environmental conditions.

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POSITAL in Windenergy - Turning Into a Favorable Wind

Robust, Versatile Sensors for Wind Turbines


Application Examples


icon_1 Reliable Pitch Control

IXARC magnetic absolute encoders are used to precisely determine blade angles for the pitch control system. A high level of environmental protection is a key requirement here, since extreme conditions prevail especially in offshore wind turbine parks. With durable, salt-spray resistant IP69K housings and a shaft load capacity of up to 300 N, POSITAL absolute encoders are ideal for these tough conditions. Based on an innovative magnetic technology that does away with the need for gears or batteries, the encoders are very compact and easy to install in limited spaces.

  • Resolution up to 30 bit (16 bit per Revolution)
  • Durable in Harsh Environments
  • Compact and Robust Stainless Steel Housings
  • Withstand shaft loads of up to 300 N
  • Up to IP69K Environmental Rating

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icon_2 Durable Speed Control System

IXARC magnetic incremental encoders can provide an impressive combination of accuracy and durability for wind turbine speed control systems. POSITAL’s reliable incremental encoders are available with environmental protection ratings of up to IP69K. They can be programmed to provide up to 16,384 pulses per revolution, with a choice of Push-Pull (HTL) or RS422 (TTL) communications interfaces. Resolution and interface parameters can be set quickly and easily through the use of POSITALs UBIFAST programming tool.

  • Rugged, Reliable Magnetic Sensing Technology
  • Compact Design, Optional Stainless Steel Housing
  • Easy to Program with UBIFAST Configuration Tool
  • Customize PPR to Your Application
  • Programmable Output Driver (HTL/TTL)

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3 Accurate Azimuth Feedback

IXARC absolute multiturn encoders with 30 bit total resolution are used to provide absolute position measurement for the azimuth control systems that adjust the orientation of the nacelle in response to changes in wind direction. In addition to high resolution, such applications also require sensors that can stand up to the mechanical loads that can be imposed when the nacelle structure is exposed to strong winds. Robust, tried-and-tested encoders ensure better reliability and operating safety, which helps users reduce downtime and the associated costs.

  • Resolution up to 30 bit (16 bit per Revolution)
  • All common Fieldbus and Ethernet Interfaces
  • Compact Design, Optional Stainless Steel Housing
  • High Shock and Vibration Resistance

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