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POSITAL Accessories

Mounting Fixtures

POSITAL offers a wide selection of accessories that simplify sensor installation and help ensure a long and reliable service lives for both for sensors and the machinery they are monitoring.

Mating connectors of different types and lengths are available to ensure reliable electrical connections. Using mounting accessories from POSITAL will minimize wear and tear on encoders and help ensure reliability and longevity. Interface modules and displays provide users way of monitoring sensor outputs at a convenient location close to where the sensor is mounted.

Different industrial environments pose different challenges, which is why POSITAL is continuously adding new accessories to its portfolio. The quality of the accessories can be as important as the quality of the encoder or inclinometer. This is why we encourage users to rely on field-tested POSITAL accessories.

Connectors and Cables


Robust, with up to IP67 or IP69K Protection

  • M12, M23 & M27 Connection options
  • PVC and PUR connection cables
  • Easy Selection with online datasheets & direct linkage to POSITAL products

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Adapter Flanges


Rugged Adapter Flanges for Easy Installation

  • Easy fit in the control cabinet
  • Available Models: Synchro, Clamping, Angled, Spring Loaded
  • Mounting with fixtures or screws

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Clamping Ring


Mechanical adapters for Hollow Shafts

  • Secure the moving shaft with the encoder's hollow shaft
  • Available in aluminum and stainless steel

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Clamp Discs


Robust & Versatile Clamp Discs

  • Make mounting easy
  • Concentric and eccentric models available
  • Easily adjust the zero point

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Large Variety of Couplings for all Applications

  • Disc coupling for high speed applications
  • Bellow coupling for high torsion stiffness
  • Jaw coupling for industrial automation applications
  • Flexible design to support shaft misalignment

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Torque Support


Robust Torque Support for Hollow Shafts

  • Available for blind and through hollow flanges
  • Variety of shaft sizes
  • Consists of tethers, clamping discs and mounting screws

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