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IXARC DeviceNet Absolute Encoders


Absolute Positioning on a Budget

The POSITAL DeviceNet Encoders are a robust and accurate solution for absolute positioning at a minimum cost. Consider the recent application by a US paper manufacturer who turned to POSITAL to get the job done on time and on budget. Compared to traditional wiring options, DeviceNet’s fieldbus network allowed for efficient wiring and easy communication. Once installed POSITAL Encoders delivered the high accuracy and reliability promised, not losing their position whether the conveyor was in a startup, operating or shutdown state. All of this resulted in an improved workplace with increased production and safety.

Flexibility Creates More Options

POSITAL Absolute Optical Encoders use an integrated Opto-ASIC that provides up to 30-bit multiturn resolution, work without backup batteries and have several levels of environmental protection (up to IP 67). They are available with more than a dozen different interfaces, flange configurations, shaft designs, casing options, and electrical connection types. The updated version is available with status LEDs for faster installation and with micro (M12) and mini (7/8”) style connectors.

DeviceNet is a communication interface which allows devices to share information on a shared media by using unique Node Addresses and Electronic Data Sheet (EDS). The POSITAL Optical Encoders support all DeviceNet functions (Polled Mode, State Mode, Cyclic Mode); rotating direction, resolution, total resolution and preset value can be programmed via the DeviceNet bus.


The POSITAL Encoders can be adapted to either large, complex factory systems or smaller, simpler applications where a Fieldbus network is a cost-effective way to wire up multiple devices and still deliver high resolution. POSITAL DeviceNet encoders are ideal for:

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