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Collaborative Robots

Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots (also known as Cobots) are a classification of robotic systems designed to work directly with humans (or other robots in a defined collaborative workspace) to achieve shared goals. This combination of humans and robots can increase productivity significantly, as long as the work is optimally shared. Compared to industrial robots, collaborative robots are usually lower in price, relatively smaller in size, and much safer for humans. Cobots also have the benefit of being easier to be program using simple “teach” methods. Structurally, collaborative robots are mostly identical to industrial robots but in smaller scale as mentioned before, which can be limiting factors in payload and speed-of-movement performance specifications.

The robotic controller commands the motors that are attached at each joint to move the arm in a plane or a space (depending on the number of joints). The number of joints and programming being determining factors of degrees of freedom for the robot arm. The broad selection of end effectors and end-of-arm tooling available today, further expands the scope of Cobot applications. Encoders as one of the most critical parts of the feedback system for these joints of collaborative robots determine the efficiency of work and safety.

It is common in cobot applications that electrical conductors, liquid tubing and compressed air hoses, are routed within the arm of the robot. POSITAL’s Hollow Shaft Kit Encoders are designed to be integrated into the arm, allowing for the routing of cables and conductors through the encoder body. These encoders also afford turns-counting functionality measurement range based on our patented energy harvesting technology. No battery, no gears, and no bearings equate to decades of service-free operation. These tailored designs with compact size and light weight make POSITAL’s KIT family an ideal solution for the feedback system of nowadays collaborative robots.

  • Interactive with Human
  • High Safety Level
  • Easy Programming

Hollow Shaft Kit Encoders Feedback for Cobots

  • Compact Size
  • Absolute Position Feedback
  • Batteryless Revolution Counting
  • More Information Relayed to Controller