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renewable energy

With rising energy prices and the prospect of dwindling resources, solar and wind energy are some of the most popular alternatives. High resolution encoders are also ideal for yaw control ensuring optimal positioning of the nacelle with respect to wind direction. Encoders and inclinometers can be installed in single or dual axis systems and precisely position the drive of the panels or reflectors.

Wind Energy

Wind Turbines

There are several measuring and positioning tasks that must be handled efficiently in wind turbines: in addition to ensuring that the azimuth drives are able to keep the nacelle pointed into the wind, the tilt angle of the rotor blades must be monitored and continuously adjusted through a pitch control system. On top of that, speed control can be challenging under demanding environmental conditions. POSITAL offers an extensive one-stop range of accurate, reliable sensors that can stand up to extreme environmental conditions.

  • Reliable Pitch Control
  • Accurate Azimuth Feedback
  • Durable Speed Control System
  • Increased Efficiency in Extreme Environments


Solar Energy

Photovoltaic Systems

With rising energy prices and the prospect of dwindling resources, solar energy is one of the most popular alternatives. However, to get the most benefit from a solar system, solar tracker designers and operators must pay careful attention to the accuracy and the component costs that make up the system, their maintenance requirements and their ability to operate and reliably under hot, dusty and windy conditions.

  • Optimized Orientation of the Solar Collectors
  • Cost Efficient Encoder for Elevation Control
  • Robust Encoder for Azimuth Control
  • Programmable Inclinometer for Elevation Control