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Construction Machines


Cranes and other construction machinery are required to be safe, efficient and reliable. Positioning is of prime importance, and redundant systems are often used to eliminate errors. To address this requirement the IXARC SIL-2 encoders are an excellent fit, combining redundant measurement with an easy-to-integrate interface.

  • Sensors for High Levels of Shock & Vibration
  • Increased Accuracy & Safety

icon_1 Rotary Encoders for Rotational Positioning

Rotary Encoders for Rotational Angle Control
  • Resolution Per Revolution up to 16 Bit
  • Stainless Steel Housing Available
  • High Shaft Load up to 300 N
  • Certified for Safe Operation (SIL2)
  • Protection Class IP69K and Salt Water Resistant

Complementary Products

icon_2 Inclinometers for Tilt Measurement of the Boom

Inclinometers for Tilt Measurement of the Boom
  • Single Axis (360°), Dual Axis (±80°)
  • No need for Mechanical Coupling with Drive Elements
  • Static Inclinometers: Accuracy 0.1° or 0.5° / Dynamic Inclinometers: Accuracy 0.3°
  • IP69K Sensors, Pressure & Temperature Resistant

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