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Driving and Steering System


As an AGV or AMR navigates its course, the vehicle steering is controlled by its “brain”; a vital role to not only assure that it reaches its destination but also avoids obstacles that might intrude upon its path. While an accurate and responsive absolute position sensors is the preferred solution of choice, mechanically integrating the encoder to this steering system can be a considerable challenge, depending on steering system design requirements and spatial envelope constraints. Whether new steering system design or retrofit to existing vehicle chassis, POSITAL IXARC encoders, KIT encoders, and other innovative designs afford workable form & fit economies, along with required signal function and performance.

Kit Encoders for Integrated Steering/Driving System

  • Battery and gear-free multiturn solid and hub shaft
  • Singleturn Resolution up to 17 bit
  • Temperature range: -40° to +105°C


Rotary Encoders for Rotational Positioning

  • Resolution Per Revolution up to 16 Bit
  • High Shaft Load up to 300 N
  • Protection Class IP69K and Salt Water Resistant


Thru-bore Geared Design for Difficult Mounting- or Space-constrained Applications


Hollow Shaft Kit Encoders for Simple Installation

  • Battery and gear-free multiturn
  • Singleturn Resolution up to 19 bit accuracy ± 0,02
  • Slim design: 18mm thickness


Diverse-Redundant Absolute Encoders for Functional Safety

  • Diverse Redundancy for Functional Safety
  • Space and Cost-Saving Encoders
  • Wide Variety of Mechanical Options
  • Up to Performance Level/PL d, Cat. 3 of ISO 13849