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AGV/Mobile Robotic System


For decades, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) as well as Rail Guided Vehicles (RGVs) have been widely employed in manufacturing production & assembly plants and logistics warehousing facilities, carrying out repetitive material delivery tasks in a pre-defined route. With increasing demand on production throughput, a more sophisticated design called Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) is doing these jobs in a much faster, smarter, and more efficient way compared to its AGV and RGV predecessors. To meet the new challenges, heightened performance is demanded of key components such as rotary, linear and inclination sensors.

Driving and Steering System

  • Absolute Position Feedback, No Homing
  • High Resolution, dynamic response
  • Various Mechanical Designs
  • Robust and Compact design
  • Speeding monitoring
  • Safety Available


Handling System

Food and Beverage
  • Various electrical and mechanical interface
  • Tilting monitoring
  • Compact and robust