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Incremental encoder cross reference finder


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    Find a Replacement for your Encoder in 4 Easy Steps

    After many years of successfully replacing and retrofitting thousands encoders, POSITAL has created an easy-to-use cross reference finder.

    icon_1 Choose the Name of the Manufacturer

    icon_2 Type in the Encoder Name and Click Search

    3 Fill in the Pulse Count

    4 Click on the Found Encoder to View the Detailed Data Sheet

    Manufacturer Cross Reference Finder

    ENCODERMATCH is based on a detailed database which provides information about the manufacturer product, the compatible POSITAL products and the degree of compatibility between the products. If products are not a 100% match, ENCODERMATCH denotes which specific feature is responsible for the incompatibility.

    POSITAL offers incremental replacements for encoders of the following manufacturers: Baumer, BEI Sensors, Hengstler, Koyo, Kuebler, Lika, Omron, Pepperl + Fuchs, Sick and Wachendorff.

    If you can't find your encoder model feel free to contact us and we will find a suitable replacement.


    Why POSITAL Products?
    • Unique Combination of High Performance and Rugged Durability Encoders
    • Excellent Dynamic Response and Compact Size
    • Powerful Programming Capabilities (PPR, Resolution, Number of Turns, Direction)
    • Large Variety of Mechanical Features and Compatible Accessories
    • Fast Delivery, Standard Products Ship within 72h, Expedited Orders within 24h
    • 36 month warranty period, counting from the date of shipping
    • More than 50 Years Experience in Rotary Encoders

    POSITAL Incremental Encoder Advantages

    IXARC incremental rotary encoders feature a unique combination of high performance and rugged durability. They are built around high-precision magnetic sensor technology and offer excellent dynamic response.

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    Magnetic Technology

    The magnetic technology gives a huge benefit to customers in terms of mechanical robustness compared to optical code disc based devices. It can achieve a high shock rating of 300 g at the same time due to the contact-less nature of the technology, it can have an IP69K rating which makes these products fully waterproof. Magnetic sensing allows for use in dusty and oily environments with lower IP ratings as no optical discs signals can be obstructed.

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