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Become a POSITAL Distribution Partner


POSITAL is evolving and growing, entering new industries and new regional markets. Therefore, we are looking for new distributors: Distribution Partners, System Integrators and Registered Distributors. Our global distributor program clarifies which types of partnerships we are offering, along with their associated benefits and obligations. Also illustrated is how benefits will increase with growing commitment to the program. Initially launched in 2004, our global distributor program has proven successful, yielding 17% growth per year with POSITAL products, over the last 10 years. We look forward to sharing in greater detail, upon your request.

bullet_icon Distribution Partner: For dynamic sales and marketing activities in close cooperation with POSITAL, targeting OEM customers

bullet_icon System Integrators: Get easy access to more than one million sensor systems for your projects.

bullet_icon Registered Distributors: Find spare parts for your customers easily and get them delivered fast.

What we Offer To All Business Partners

  • Over 1 million sensors, built to order for the needs of your end customer. Standard products ship within 5 working days. Thus, there are no stocking requirements.
  • Online Product Finder access with real time pricing and lead times. With our Product Finder you can find locate the product you are looking for in a few simple steps; see video introduction on the right side. Online cross-referencing tool for more than 1 million third party products
  • 36 Months Warranty

Additional Benefits For Our Distribution Partners

In return for the commitment to our distribution program and related investments, we extend the following benefits to our Distribution Partners:

  • Deal Registration: Protection of Customer Projects
  • Preferred pricing and special discounts for registered projects
  • Collaborative marketing and sales activities
  • Lead forwarding
  • Advertise upcoming events on POSITAL website
  • Online training program: Study free of charge from anywhere at times of your convenience
  • Access to our online knowledge database with industry specific application success stories, test reports, presentations and more.