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Newsletter March 2022

Explosion Proof Encoders Now ATEX/IECEx Certified


ATEX/IECEx-certified rotary encoders are designed to operate safely in atmospheres where there are potentially dangerous levels of explosive gases or dust. These devices are part of the IXARC family of magnetic and optical rotary sensors and can be delivered with either programmable incremental or absolute output. Rugged, reliable and highly accurate, these devices can be ordered with a wide range of mounting and coupling options that ensure that they can be installed in Zones 2 and 22.

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  • For Group II Applications Dedicated to Zone 2 & 22
  • Housing Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • Large Variety of Mechanical Combinations Available
  • Applications: Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Chemical Plants, Milling Operations

Economical LINARIX Draw Wire Sensors


POSITAL’s draw wire portfolio includes economical housings for 2.4 m and 7.5 m units. These light, cost-efficient units are perfect for medical equipment applications. Indoor material handling appliances, such as forklifts or AGVs, can be accommodated by our advanced longer draw wire with plastic housing. LINARIX linear sensors are available in many configurations to meet any application requirements. Options include a wide variety of outputs including analog, incremental, Fieldbus, and Ethernet variants.

Material Handling Applications

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  • Economical and Light Plastic Housings
  • 2.40 m and 7.50 m Measurement Length
  • Small Form Factor for Easy Installation
  • Numerous Configurations for All Application Requirements

Magnetic vs Optical Measurement Principles


Magnetic encoders are typically more compact and rugged and until now, have offered lower levels of precision an dynamic response. POSITAL has eliminated the need for compromise by developing a new generation of magnetic absolute and incremental encoders that match the performance of optical shaft-mounted encoders in all but the most demanding applications.

More Information

  • Optical: High Resolution, Ideal for Magnetic Fields
  • Magnetic: Robust and Durable, No Battery, No Gear
  • Hall-effect Sensor System
  • Resolution, Accuracy, and Dynamic Response

Position Sensors for Medical Equipment


Modern devices used in the healthcare industry demand advanced technology for precise positioning. TILTIX inclinometers provide accurate measurements and are built to last the life of the equipment. LINARIX linear sensors offer a solution for tracking the position of patient tables. For complex applications, such as fluoroscopy or radiography tables or surgical C-arms, that require coordinated positioning of several components, IXARC absolute rotary encoders are an excellent option. Now with more autonomous robotics being used in medical applications, POSITAL’s family of kits become ideal for state-of-the-art medical equipment.


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  • Precise Positioning of Patient & Scanner
  • Simple Installation, Easier Calibration
  • Compact Sizes
  • Multiple Interfaces Available