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Newsletter June 2024

Revolutionize Your Machinery with POSITAL’s 36 mm Kit Encoders


With POSITAL’s new generation 36 mm Kit Encoders, you can upgrade your machines to the next level. While sharing many characteristics with POSITAL’s stand-alone absolute encoders, their protective cover is now 19.3 mm high, down from 23.4 mm in previous models, making it much easier to fit these devices into tight spaces. By introducing the TMR technology, these encoders provide more reliable positioning and a higher resolution of 18-bit. Multiturn variants include a self-powered rotation counter with new ASIC and Wiegand sensors, ensuring data retention without gears or backup batteries. These devices have been used successfully in thousands of motor and robot installations. Perfect for upgrading your stepper or servo motors and rotating machinery, these encoders come with SSI and BiSS-C interfaces for seamless integration.

  • Better Accuracy & Real Time Performance
  • Significant Size Reduction
  • Better Protection for More Environments
  • Easy Installation

Unboxing the UBITO WINK DevKit: Your Gateway to Energy-Autonomous IoT Devices

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Watch as we unbox the UBITO WINK DevKit, designed for developers who are working on energy-harvesting, wireless, and contactless IoT devices for real-world event detection.

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How to Boost Your Draw Wire Sensor Lifespan


Draw wire sensors are designed to perform linear position measurement using a draw wire connected to an encoder. The encoder delivers a signal proportional to the cable that is pulled out. Wear and tear can be avoided when following a few easy steps. Learn about key components, wear factors, and environmental impacts crucial for keeping your Draw Wire sensor alive for many years.

Linear sensors provide highly reliable and precise measurements in applications like cranes, straight and vertical floodgates, material handling and medical systems. Benefits of POSITAL’s LINARIX linear sensors are

  • Wide Range of Measuring Lengths (1 to 15 m) / (3’ to 49’)
  • 15+ Communication Interfaces
  • Scalable Analog Output
  • No Software or Programming Required
  • Protection Class up to IP69K

Inclinometers for Improving Solar Systems


With increasing energy prices and the prospect of dwindling resources, solar energy is one of the most popular alternative energy sources. However, to get the most benefit out of a solar system, solar tracker designers and operators must pay careful attention to the accuracy and the component costs that make up the system, their maintenance requirements, and their ability to operate and reliably under harsh conditions. The NEXTGEN TILTIX inclinometers have been upgraded with three-axis MEMS accelerometers, improved firmware, and a new housing concept to help with these challenges!

  • Precise Elevation (Altitude) Control of Mirrors or PV Panels
  • High IP Rating and UV Resistant Enclosures
  • Analog and Modbus RTU Interfaces
  • Programmable Range, Filters, and Offset