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New Generation IXARC Incremental Encoders


The NEXTGEN IXARC incremental encoders from POSITAL feature new magnetic sensor technology and more energy-efficient embedded microcontrollers. While remaining mechanically and electrically compatible with earlier models, the new encoders will benefit customers by reducing power consumption – an important consideration in complex application where multiple devices are connected to the control system. The new IXARC incremental encoders make use of a TMR (tunnel magneto-resistance) sensing technology in place of the Hall-effect sensors used on previous models. TMR sensors offer higher magnetic sensitivity, creating possibilities for improved resolution. TMR sensor are also less temperature sensitive and more energy-efficient than their predecessors.

  • Fully Compatible with Previous Generation
  • Reduced Power Consumption Based on New Magnetic Sensing Technology & Improved Components

Download the New Wiegand Technology White Paper


Wiegand Technology has become an essential technology for energy harvesting applications. The new white paper from UBITO offers a comprehensive understanding of this technology, including its key benefits, features, and use cases. It explains how this technology can enhance the performance and reliability of your IoT devices. If you are interested in learning more about Wiegand Technology or would like to discuss your specific use case, please contact our UBITO technology experts. Our team is always ready to provide you with the support and guidance you need!

New 3D Drawing Viewer on POSITAL Website


We understand that the ability to accurately visualize and understand our products is essential for the work of a design engineer. This is why we invested in the development of this 3D drawing viewer together with CADENAS to provide a better experience for our distributors and customers worldwide. This new feature allows you to view all mechanical parts (flange, housing, connector) in a highly intuitive and interactive way. You can easily zoom, rotate and pan to view every detail of our encoders. In addition, the viewer enables you to export in many different formats, providing flexibility for your specific use cases.

Miniature Kit Encoders Ensure High Performance in maxon Micromotors


With its ultra-compact footprint (diameter: 22 mm, height: 23 mm), the POSITAL miniature kits, which weigh just 35 g, are a perfect fit for the most common micromotors. They can be easily integrated into existing motor designs. Installation and calibration are quick and safe. They have no battery and no gears and offer electrical resolution of up tup to 17 bit, multiturn up to 32 bit. The motors from maxon can be found in humanoid robots, high-precision industrial equipment, in tattoo machines, passenger planes, camera lenses, racing cars or heart pumps. Their requirements are high and do not want to make any compromises, this is why they chose for the “encoder that doesn’t forget” from POSITAL!

Increased Efficiency Thanks to Dynamic Excavating

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How Can your Excavator Benefit from our Dynamic Inclinometers?