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Encoder Down? POSITAL Can Help with SOS – Encoder!


Experiencing encoder failure during installation or operation happens occasionally. And often, we do not have time to send a sensor back for complete analysis or even time to call an expert. That is why we have compiled some expert troubleshooting tips to get your encoder back up and running. It is likely that the challenge(s) you are facing have already been encountered and solved. Our SOS Encoder Troubleshooting Guide walks you through simple steps to get your encoder back up and working.


  • Simple Troubleshooting Guide
  • Find the Root-Cause of Failure
  • Common Encoder Failures Solved
  • LED: Self-Diagnose Encoder Failure

Kit Encoders for Integrated Steering/Driving Systems


AGVs (autonomous guided vehicles) and AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) are becoming the norm in manufacturing production, assembly plants, and logistics warehousing facilities. These devices provide a fast and efficient method to modern-day production demands. POSITAL’s line of kit encoders can assist with the navigation systems of these products. With absolute position sensing, compact and robust designs, and accurate and responsive sensing, POSITAL kit encoders are perfect to integrate into existing systems or new designs.

Sensors for Autonomous Mobile Robots


  • Absolute Position Sensing
  • Battery and Gear-Free Multiturn Solution
  • High Resolution, Dynamic Response
  • Various Mechanical Designs

Next-Generation TILTIX Inclinometers


POSITAL has updated its family of TILTIX inclinometers with new three-axis MEMS accelerometers, enhanced firmware, and a new housing concept. These changes enable POSITAL to streamline manufacturing processes and reduce delivery times while maintaining full environmental protection. The new versions are compatible with older models, with identical mounting footprint while offering improved accuracy and better signal-to-noise ratios. Common applications include positioning of solar panels, rollover warning systems for mobile machinery, control systems for crane booms, and tilt control in service robots, AGV’s and other materials-handling systems. Customers will be able to order CANopen and Analog variations by end of this year, with SSI and Modbus-RTU interfaces to be added to the catalogue over the next year.

  • Enhanced Programming Function (Number of Axes, Filtering Methods)
  • Reduced Cross-Axis Sensitivity
  • Improved Measurement Accuracy to ± 0.1 Degrees
  • Available in Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Housings or IP69K-rated Metal Enclosures

UBITO’s Breakthrough in Energy Harvesting


UBITO’s latest breakthrough Wiegand energy harvester opens new windows to the Internet of Things. With the development of an exciting new Wiegand Harvester, Weigand technology (which collects energy from movements of an external magnetic field) can now be positioned beside established energy harvesting techniques such as solar, piezo, or thermos-electrics as an energy source for sensor nodes in the emerging Internet of Things (also known as Industry 4.0).

With energy harvesting as the main goal, UBITO aimed at improving the energy output from Wiegand devices and established the possibility of self-powered sensors that could detect and transmit data wirelessly to an IoT network. The new “Wiegand Harvester” generates over 50 times more energy that commercial Wiegand sensors making it possible to consider self-sufficient sensors communicating wirelessly over a significant distance.


Read more on the technology in our latest press release .

  • Self-Powered Sensing
  • Wider Potential for IoT Network Devices
  • High-efficiency Ultra-Wide-Band Radio Transmitter
  • Wiegand Harvester

Energy Harvesting for Wireless Data Transmission

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Energy Harvesting for Wireless Data Transmission via UWB