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This May, POSITAL will be exhibiting in different shows all around the world: Starting with Automate 2024 in the US (May 6-9), followed by CSPI-EXPO in Japan (May 22-24), and concluding at SPS Italy (May 28-30). These events present a prime opportunity to engage with POSITAL’s latest sensor technologies, meet our experts and discover new business opportunities in the ever-evolving world of sensor innovations.

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POSITAL's Inclinometers Power Excavator Performance!

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Wondering how inclinometers work on excavators? Watch the demonstration as we uncover the mechanics behind POSITAL's advanced inclinometers. These devices precisely measure angles, ensuring optimal performance on construction sites and in industrial settings.

Essential Connectivity: Maximize Encoder Performance with Our Advanced Cables and Connectors


Our comprehensive lineup of encoder cables and connectors ensures optimal performance and reliability. Featuring M12 and M23 connectors, available in various pin configurations, and high-quality PUR and PVC cables in lengths up to 30m, we provide the essential accessories for any encoder installation. Explore options for every application, from straightforward connections to complex setups, ensuring your encoders are equipped for peak performance.

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Kit Encoders for Integrated Steering/Driving Systems


AGVs (autonomous guided vehicles) and AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) are becoming the norm in manufacturing production, assembly plants, and logistics warehousing facilities. These devices provide a fast and efficient method to modern-day production demands. POSITAL’s line of kit encoders can assist with the navigation systems of these products. With absolute position sensing, compact and robust designs, and accurate and responsive sensing, POSITAL kit encoders are perfect to integrate into existing systems or innovative designs.

  • Absolute Position Sensing
  • Battery and Gear-Free Multiturn Solution
  • High Resolution, Dynamic Response
  • Various Mechanical Designs